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  • Meissa Fall, artist based in Saint-Louis du Sénégal

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    Meissa Fall is an artist based in Sidone neighbourhood on Ile de N’Dar in Saint-Louis du Sénégal. His work is driven by contemporary issues revolving around scarcity of resources, ecological responsibility and political accountability. As a skilled mechanic, he uses the functions of different bicycle and engine parts to symbolise the concepts he aims to express. He combines these modern thoughts with signs used in traditional Senegalese masks and sculpture. A reservoir might signify excessive storage, an exhaust pot could connote to pollution including toxic talking, the choice of gears in a larger structure may point to transmission of power. Meissa is very conscious about the placement of his sculptures as well, their distribution in the neighbourhood relates to local events, but also include national and global considerations.


    Meissa Fall 4

    Well worth a visit, and he fixes your bicycle or scooter while he explains his work and the motivations behind the pieces.

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